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10/17/2021 ASB07/31/2021 SlideFactoryThe Drift League Shootout May 202112/06/2020 Toy Drive - JustDrift11/24/2020 SlideFactory10/25/2020 ASB10/24/2020 ASB09/26/2020 Slide Factory08/29/2020 Slide Factory Night Matsuri08/15/2020 TopDrift Shootout08/14/2020 TopDrift Shootout Practice07/25/2020 SlideFactory Night Matsuri07/10/2020 SlideFactory05/30/2020 Jimmy Up01/24/20 SlideFactory12/13/19 SlideFactory10/23/19 JustDrift10/12/19 SlideFactory08/24/2019 SlideFactory07/06/19 SlideFactory06/16/19 TopDrift RD206/15/19 TopDrift RD206/01/19 SlideFactory5/19/19 TopDrift RD105/18/19 TopDrift RD105/04/2019 SlideFactory04/20/2019 Corolla Matsuri03/30/2019 SlideFactory03/03/19 JustDrift Open02/16/19 SlideFactory01/19/19 90's Forever12/15/18 SlideFactory11/23/18 SlideFactory11/11/18 ASB11/10/18 ASB10/13/18 FD Irwindale10/12/18 FD Irwindale10/11/18 FD Irwindale10/13/18 Slide Factory09/29/18 HTM Night Drift09/08/18 Slide Factory Clinic09/02/18 Slide Factory09/01/18 Slide FactoryRival Night DriftRival Round 3Corolla MatsuriSlide Factory - AugustTopDrift Round 4 PracticeTopDrift Round 4TheDriftLeague Rd. 2Slide Factory - JuneTopDrift Round 3 PraticeTopDrift Round 3Rival Round 2Rival Round 2 PracticeTopDrift Round 2 PracticeTopDrift Round 2Slide Factory - April 2018Top Drift Practice Round 1Top Drift Round 1Corolla Summer Matsuri 2017ASB 2017Redbull SoapBox LA 2017